THEME 1: Moving house – lessons from the past – who’s done what where and what do we now know? Exploring plant introductions across Australia over the past 30 years.

THEME 2: Moving house – what’s new?

  • PLENARY - Plant conservation actions and comparative ecology: But we don't know enough! Peter Vesk
  • Physiological patterns among trees can aid land-management decisions under a changing climate. John Patykowski
  • Restore & Renew: Large scale evolutionary, environmental and ecological information in support of restoration practices Maurizio Rossetto
  • Is restoration working? An ecological genetic assessmentMelissa Millar
  • Maximising adaptive potential in translocated populations of clonal saltmarsh plants. Karen Sommerville
  • Plant mating systems and assessing translocation success. David Coates
  • Translocation of the threatened rainforest herb, Astelia australiana. Linda Parker
  • Breeding system and polyploidy in the conservation management – the case of the woolly wrinklewort Rutidosis lanata. Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn
  • Interrogate then translocate: identifying potentially recipient sites by modelling the environmental niche of the endangered Persoonia hindiiNathan Emery
  • Pollination of the threatened Canberra spider orchid, with a view to translocations. Tobias Hayashi
  • Securing Silver Daisy - collaborative action to building resilience in a threatened daisy. Amelia Hurren
  • Threatened plant translocations at Sydney's urban interface – where do we put them? Peter Cuneo
  • Population biology with Plantago lanceolata as a model system – a focus on genetics and seed ecologyStephanie ChenStudent prize recipient
  • Myrtle Rust poses unprecedented challenges for plant conservation and recoveryBob Makinson
  • Faster than nature does on its own: a story of saltmarsh restoration. Paul Adam
  • What determines species distribution limits along an altitudinal gradient in Acacia? Paul Rymer

THEME 3: Crossing over – what can we learn from moving organisms other than plants?

THEME 4: Effective partnerships – who, why and how? What works and what doesn’t?

THEME 6: Do you need a safe deposit box? The importance of ex-situ conservation in translocation.

Plant Translocation Workshop

Based on the new Third Edition of the ANPC’s Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened Species in Australia.

  • Workshop introduction. Lucy Commander
  • Plant translocation in Australia. Jen Silcock
  • Deciding whether to translocate, and pre-translocation  assessment of biology and ecologyLucy Commander
  • When do you need a geneticist, and site selection. Dave Coates
  • Translocation policies and requirements for approvals. Simon Nally
  • Pre-translocation preparation – using a model incorporating a genotype collection method. David Taylor
  • The translocation and ongoing management. Leonie Monks
  • Experimental design, monitoring and evaluation. Heidi Zimmer
  • Case study: Whole plant transplantation. Steve Mueck
  • Case study: Pomaderris delicata. Keith McDougall