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Sunday 11 November

Welcome Reception @ Synergy Building CSIRO 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Early Registration

Welcome to Country

Welcome to Conference

Launch of the 3rd edition of the ANPC's Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened Plants in Australia: Dr Sally Box, Threatened Species Commissioner.

Monday 12 November

Conference Day 1 @ CSIRO Discovery Centre

Conference Registration from 8.30am

Session 1: Moving house - lessons from the past – who’s done what where and what do we now know? Exploring plant introductions across Australia over the past 30 years. 
Plenary Speaker: Dr Jennifer Silcock, TSR Hub

Session 2: Moving house  – what’s new? This session will include new approaches, ideas or tools to assist you when making decisions about moving plants. 
Plenary Speaker: Peter Vesk, University of Melbourne

Session 3: Policy and politics of moving plants. Here we will explore the policy and politics of moving plants – hear from experts about their expectations for policy that guides when, how and where we move plants. 
Plenary Speaker: Peter Latch Dept of Environment and Energy

Poster Session: 5.30pm - 7.00pm                                                       

Tuesday 13 November

Conference Day 2 @ CSIRO Discovery Centre

Session 4: Crossing over – what can we learn from moving organisms other than plants? This session will include presentations about what lessons have been learnt by moving other types of organisms to expand our understanding of the role and importance of plants. 
Plenary Speaker: Sarah Legge, Threatened Species Recovery Hub

Session 5: Effective partnerships – who, why and how? What works and what doesn’t? Showcasing partnership projects including citizen science where multiple stakeholders have engaged in translocation and restoration projects. A session not just on what’s worked! Here we’ll share what didn’t work and how we can use these findings to improve partnerships in the future. 
Plenary Speaker: Belinda Pellow, President, Ecological Consultants Association of NSW Inc.

Session 6: Do you need a safe deposit box? The importance of ex-situ conservation in translocation. Here we will explore the role of ex situ conservation in plant translocation and restoration including examples of successful plant reintroductions from ex situ collections. 
Plenary Speaker: Damian Wrigley, Australian Seed Bank Partnership

The 2018 ANPC Annual General Meeting will be held during lunch time on Day 2.

Conference Dinner @ Debacle 24 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612. 7:00pm onwards

Wednesday 14 November

Plant Translocation Workshop @ CSIRO Discovery Centre. 9.00am - 5.00pm

Come along to hear about best-practice translocation from some of the authors of the Third Edition of the Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened Species in Australia, and network with others working in the field! The Plant Translocation Workshop will cover all aspects of the Guidelines, including gathering essential biological information, when do you need a geneticist, site selection, translocation policies, seed collection, techniques for translocating whole plants due to development, monitoring and evaluation. Speakers, who have contributed to the new edition of the Guidelines, include: David Coates (WA), David Taylor (ACT), Heidi Zimmer (NSW), Jen Silcock (QLD), Leonie Monks (WA), Lucy Commander (WA), Noushka Reiter (Vic), Simon Nally (ACT) and Steve Mueck (Vic). Full program coming soon!

Thursday 15 November

Field Trips and Tours

  • Field Trip 1: Threatened Plant Translocation Projects - full day. 9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Field Trip 2: Barrer Hill Woodland Restoration Project - half day. 9.00am - 1.00pm
  • Tour 1: Australian National Botanical Gardens & National Seedbank - half day. Limit of 12
  • Tour 2: Australian National Herbarium & Australian National Insect Collection - half day. - 12.15pm. Limit of 15. No food provided.

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